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    Account Infos. Retrieval Request


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    Account Infos. Retrieval Request

    Post  Whinous on Sun Jun 19, 2011 6:23 am

    For some who will have a hard time retrieving account informations such as:

    Email Address:
    Secret Question:
    Secret Answer:

    We have a new format on how to assist our players

    Pls email any Game Administrator or me at

    with the following informations:

    Account Name:
    Email Address: if cant recall, pls provide last recalled email address
    Desired Password: this is for password request to be changed

    Pls choose a secret question:

    What is your Mother's Maiden Name:
    What is the name of your first school:
    Who is your favorite special hero:
    What is the Name of your first pet:
    What is your favorite place to visit as a child:
    What was the first video game you played
    What was the name of your first teacher:
    What was your favorite TV show as a child?

    Note: you need to select one secret question

    Secret Answer: ( for the chosen Secret Question )
    Current screenshots of the characters date should be visible in the SS

    this is the new requirements for account information retrieval request.

    so the previous being asked:

    Email Address:
    Secret Question:
    Secret Answer:

    is not enough and valid anymore

    Reminder: Never Share your account informations to other people unless you will be
    responsible for any loses

    Your account is your full responsibility


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