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    wat 3pp? please read this any Admin's or HGM's


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    wat 3pp? please read this any Admin's or HGM's

    Post  BladeKRock on Mon Jun 20, 2011 2:01 pm

    Sorry that I couldn’t post earlier,,,,
    Okey lets start,,,, WTTTFFF !! wat 3pp r u talking about? R u kidding me? Seriously? All I c is crying here,,
    His report videos;
    1 video;
    2 video;
    First at all,,,, Look at your first video,, That’s normal game speed? And If you edited, is that allowed? To edit some videos and report it? If you don’t edit your video, there is not normal game speed.

    Your videos don’t lie, it tells all the truth, we had fast kill bcoz of your game speed, look at your game speed again at video 1. That’s why u died so fast, and I also died fast once. You make self get killed by your game speed. That’s all.
    If you took the video of more fast kills we had and had posted it, It would be just like ‘’the game speed’’ u had on video 1. You died by your game speed. Don’t cry!

    And look at your video2. There is more normal game speed. U died there bcoz u got lag / lil freze. And if It’s not lag or lil freze why didn’t u pot rite b4 u died? Just look at ur pots on ur video.

    If you had posted all videos, u would c that u died fast bcoz ur game speed it faster than normal. And videos2 u got lag. Lets say my fast kill was 5 and 1 when u got lag. U said u started video camera from round 6 and the last 2 or 3 videos u did, U didn’t post it. Coz it was long fight, coz ur game speed is normal and U didn’t get lag. That’s why we didn’t kill fast on each other.
    To Sir, HGM Precaution and any other HGM’s; I am not 3pp user, And why on earth am I gonna prove like that I am not 3pp user when I am not and that guy couldn’t even prove that I am 3pp user?
    As rules said on fmu, if you gonna report 3pp user, the video must be from 4-8mins and many SS, if not, there is useless to report. Look at his report, his videos is seconds.
    Bad prove shouldn’t be accepted easily. To report 3pp user is very big case. We shouldn’t just playing in case. Better to get strong prove that I am 3pp user. And If I really am, Admin can delete my all char’s and my items. But If you gonna do it without knowing or with bad prove, u will still lose a lot of fmu awesome members.
    Where on videos u can c 1 hit? And I had said about why he died fast.
    IF he really can ‘’prove’’ that I am 3pp user, and if you really ‘’believe’’ him, I will do all necessary thing, and everything u ask for, and I will try to do wat ever it takes to prove that I am not 3pp user.
    And the challenge is done, and he losed; The GM still have my items that I won and my stake; all items; gold + brave fo+13+ 1 hls fo+15 + uber set+15 + 2 hls +15.
    I want my items. And I suggest u Admin’s or HGM’s to let him give me. That’s not bcoz I don’t trust at the GM, but that’s bcoz I don’t trust anyone. Twice had GM’s scammed fmu players.
    IF I were 3pp user, I would never run, coz I know If I were 3pp user and if I run with my items, Whinous or any Admins know/notice it, I will be hunted, and all my friends acc or items will be deleted. I would never do such a bad thing to my friends. Me and my friends are fmu loyalist.


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