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    stats lacking after reseting stats


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    stats lacking after reseting stats

    Post  koi on Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:06 am

    Character Name:snifaGanja

    SS of bug Item

    Brief Explanation what type of bug:
    i got 2 chars wich got this issue.i reported this to old forum but it got hacked so i report it here..this is what happen..
    i stop playing this characters like 3 months ago and i opened it now and found out its level1 so i try to go and level it up but it got mana bugged.0 mana so i decided to try to reset stats and now add stats and its lacking stats.i can max that stats now cause its lacking stats..this are old characters its max stats before.i been using this chars on elites and on castle siege and ders a lot of witness that see this chars making its max stats..cause its useless to go to elite battle and cs if im not max stats.

    i want the stats to be fixed


    i remove all the sets so i wont have issue loosing it uppon the proccess but other chars have sets..

    and if possible make it level400 so i wont worry about mana bugged to 0 again


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